LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification

LPA pumps are extremely reliable, with tens of thousands of pumps serving customers dependably for over 35 years or more. This site is acting as a holding site until their main hy-save site is reworked.


HY-SAVE® Inc. hy-save founder and inventor Bob Hyde, Portland, Oregon 1984, now leading refrigeration industry cooling technologies, liquid pressure amplification, refrigeration efficiency, refrigeration energy savings, DX free cooling, DX thermal (cold) storage, co2 liquid refrigerant pumps, compressor cooling, low lift liquid refrigerant pumps, data center heat extraction, heat energy transfer, supercritical, trans-critical, fluid dynamics and a cleaner atmosphere.

however, should you need a replacement part or service kit, rest assured they are readily available, please contact them here contact hysave

  • LPA® parts in the USA, Canada, Latin america 24h/48h delivery options are available or call toll free (833)-314-2544 quoting LPA® model or serial number
  • LPA® parts in Europe, Australia, Africa 24h/48h delivery options are available. Contact or call +44 (0) 1761-416-123 quoting LPA® model & serial number
  • LPA® parts in Eastern Asia. 24h/48h delivery options are available or call +82-1811-8351 quoting model & serial number