hysave is about liquid refrigerant pumping technologies, development of liquid refrigerant pumps to transfer industry heating or cooling energy for the purpose of carbon emission reduction caused by refrigeration systems worldwide

aiding in developments, new technologies, improving upon existing methods, super efficient refrigeration designs, decades of research into other methods of system design and operation.

offering a range of products mostly a line of LPA® “Liquid Pressure Amplification” liquid refrigerant pumps that have been running in industry past 40 years.

they work in a variety of heat transfer applications that make refrigeration more efficient thus consumes less energy.

contact them for application details, case studies and everything else in industry related refrigeration heat transfer, air conditioning applications and make your system more energy efficient today.

Their pumps are installed in many different fluid based heat transfer application including co2, heat transfer fluids, propane, ammonia, refrigerants and other fluids having higher specific heat capacities suited for that purpose.